“My criticism has been and remains that the National Heritage Area program is meant to gradually accomplish federal land use control. It is focused across especially the East and Midwest. The Heritage Area program also involves transferring private land to government. The state and federal governments already own over 42 percent of the land in the United States”

 –  Carol LaGrasse, President, Property Rights Foundation of America, testimony before Congress March,2004

Just what is the Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area?  That is a question that many Missourians were wondering before they had even heard of “Freedom’s Frontier”.

Many Missourians suspicions were aroused following the John T. Coffee Camp’s annual heritage dinner (held on April 14th, 2007 in Osceola, Missouri).  According to a press release issued by the Coffee Camp chapter of the Missouri Sons of Confederate Veterans:

The Sixth Annual John T. Coffee Camp Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), Confederate Heritage celebration was another successful event according to Coffee Camp Commander Gary Ayres. “This year our Heritage Dinner attracted 139 paid participants which exceeded last year’s record attendance.” The dinner was held on the evening of Saturday April 14 in Osceola, Missouri. People from ten states were on hand for the festivities. “This was a great event for our heritage as well as historic tourism in western Missouri” said Commander Ayres.

The other events included in the Confederate Heritage celebration were the Army of the Trans-Mississippi (SCV) symposium, the tour of historic sites around Osceola guided by Rick Reed, and the cookout lunch hosted by the women of the Coffee Camp. Total turnout for all events was over 180 people according to Commander Ayres.

The featured speaker for the dinner was best selling author and Presidential candidate Donnie Kennedy. In his speech he read quotations from national socialist thinkers Karl Marx and Adolph Hitler about the South and compared them to the policies of Abraham Lincoln during the War Between the States. Mr. Kennedy also talked about Constitutional issues regarding state sovereignty and local control and how they have been eroded since the War. His 52 minute talk was interrupted 7 times with applause and was followed by a standing ovation.”


Apparently this made someone nervous. Approximately two weeks after the Coffee Camp’s press release the Missouri Bushwhacker Blog reported that the Missouri Department of Natural Resources

had suddenly developed an interest in the town of Osceola, Missouri and that they were wanting to put up plaques around the town stating that Kansas Jayhawker Jim Lane did not burn it in 1861. As hard as this might be to believe I also received a report saying that the Missouri DNR even suggested that if anyone did burn the town it was Missouri Bushwhackers”

This of course is an outright lie. The story of The Burning of Osceola is well documented. Local citizens and heritage groups quickly rallied to successfully defeat this attempt to rewrite Missouri history, however, many (myself included) could not help but feel that the DNR’s attempt to rewrite our history came from a higher authority.

Upon investigating I found that a pseudo-secret project had been going on under our noses for nearly a year. The project is called The Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area. It is the brain child of Liberal Republican Kansas U.S. Senator Sam Brownback his one time room mate former Missouri U.S. Senator “Chicken Jim” Talent, and other Liberals from Lawrence, Kansas.

The two Senators worked in unison to secure funding ($10,000,000 over 15 years) that would turn most of Eastern Kansas and 12 Western Missouri counties into a National Heritage Area and under the authority of the National Park Service.

In recent years the National Park Service has shifted its focus of Civil War battlefields from the history of the battlefields themselves to a politically-correct agenda that focuses not on the heroism and valor exhibited on them but to a more “diverse” interpretation.

The struggle for Freedom will no longer be defined as one army fighting to preserve the Union versus one fighting to defend their Constitutional rights and defend their homeland. Instead it will be one that is “interpreted” as one army fighting to liberate slavery vs. another that was fighting to preserve it.

In Missouri  the simple fact of the matter is that most of those who fought for the Confederacy were non slave-holders. Most slave-holders were Unionist , deciding to support the federal government , in hopes that they would be allowed to retain their property (slaves).

A good example of this politically-correct revisionism can be found in an article found on the National Park Service website entitled, “Healing and History: The Dilemma of Interpretation” . In it author Edward T. Linenthal writes:

If an anthropologist from Mars would have come to the United States in 1950 or 1960 and tried to understand American history by looking at our landscape what would the anthropologist have found? Monuments, grave sites, homes of great men, great battles, and little else. Were that same anthropologist to visit today, he or she would look at a very different kind of landscape, speckled with sites having to do with women’s history, labor history, as well as sites that complicate our national stories”

Linenthal continues to give his “vision” of how he feels that Civil War battlefields should be interpreted by inferring that Confederate history should be treated as post WWII German history has, questioning the need for Confederate memorials altogether…

” Now the National Park Service is called upon at a fortuitous moment to demonstrate its stewardship of integrity once again for this most profound engagement with our past, with an issue–to borrow a phrase from Robert Lowell’s poem about the Shaw Memorial–an issue that “sticks like a fishbone” in our throats. I appreciate how volatile this issue is. I understand that there are different cultures in the Park Service, some resistant to change. I understand that there are regional sensitivities that will make it difficult to implement this in many ways. But the very process itself will be worthwhile. Any problematic story that stands at the center of the nation’s identity will be difficult to engage. Can it, should it, be any other way? Don’t we expect that Germany should agonize over proper memorials to the Holocaust? Wouldn’t there be something wrong if they just whipped one out in a couple of weeks? Perhaps, as James Young says, there should never be a final solution to the German memorial question. Perhaps there will never be an end to our engagement with the issue of the Civil War and slavery, but it is our responsibility to try. How dare we ever criticize other countries–Japan, Austria, Germany–for their evasions of memory if we do not engage that which sits at the heart of American memory? If not at the sites of memory of the Civil War, where? If not the National Park Service, who? If not now, when? “

Linenthal then “cuts to the chase” so to speak, removing any doubt that the purpose of Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area is to change the Culture of Missouri, and wipe away the last vestiges of Confederate history…

“Cultural attitudes about the war are expressed in often bitter disagreements about the appropriate place and function of Confederate symbols: flags, songs, names of schools, textbooks, and monuments, for example. “Underlying these challenges,” writes University of Mississippi historian Charles Wilson, “is the argument that the Confederacy and the Civil War had different meanings for blacks and whites and that images associated with the white past should not be used as publicly sanctioned symbols for the South as a whole.”

The players in this scheme and their goals are many. Politicians with globalist ties working through government bureaucracies to erase Missouri’s Confederate past and change its culture, while simultaneously working to implement globalist agendas such as the NAFTA Super-Highway, and the Kansas City Inland Port, which will be considered Mexican soil.

Much of the $10,000,000 will be funneled to private organizations such as the National Geographic Center for Sustainable Development , the Clinton Global Initiative and the International Council of Monuments and Sites to accomplish many United Nations projects such as “sustainable development”.

Missouri property owners who find themselves located within the realm of Freedom’s Frontier will be affected by such issues as Eminent Domain, Planning and Zoning and Water Rights.

In closing when I visited the National Park Service’s Freedom’s Frontier Website, my computer’s security program alert turned red and issued the following message:


The alert then recommends that the user close the alert and not to continue to the website.

When one thinks about the crimes inflicted by Kansans , who were sanctioned by the Federal Government, against Missouri, the brutal Reconstruction of our state that lasted for years, the selling out of our sovereignty and our heritage by our government today, then the following question must be asked; Do you really entrust Missouri’s history, heritage and culture to Kansas liberals and the Federal government?

If the answer is yes, then I recommend reading “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee“, by author Dee Brown. Upon doing so you will realize that the Federal government does not keep its promises.

Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area must be stopped in Missouri. It is not the job of the State of Kansas, the National  Park Service, or the numerous private organizations with globalist agendas to “interpret” our state’s history.

We do not need “approval” from international monument societies to honor our history, heritage and ancestors.

It is not worth the tiny portion of the Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area $10,000,000 grant money that Missouri will receive (the majority going to Kansas).

How can the Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area be stopped? If not by Missourian’s, who? If not now when? 

The Freedom’s Fraud blog is dedicated to exposing the real intentions of Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area which is to rewrite Missouri history and grab Missouri land.

Please browse all of our pages and links on the right hand side of this blog , learn the truth and then share it with others.


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